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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

Embracing Equality. Experiencing Excellence.

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Welcome to our 2020 promotional video for Wolvey School.

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Welcome to our Wolvey school virtual tour 2020

Please feel free to share by clicking the paper airplane symbol on the right in the video.

Welcome to Wolvey C of E Primary School.


Wolvey School is a school in the heart of the village of Wolvey and one which is proud to serve the whole community.


As a Church of England school we base our values on those of the Christian Faith; values which are shared by all faiths. We firmly believe that every individual is created unique based on the character of Jesus and because of this we place a high emphasis on the value of all human beings regardless of their background, culture or beliefs.


We are immensely privileged to serve a rich and diverse community which includes a number of children who live on the nearby military barracks as well as those from the travelling community. As a school we pride ourselves on the equality of worth and value for all children regardless of culture, background or national identity.


From 1st September 2018 Wolvey School became part of the newly formed 'Ignite federation' alongside The Revel Primary School in Monks Kirby. Mr Edwards, (previously the Headteacher at The Revel) was appointed as the Executive Head of the federation.  In September 2021, Mr Parker will took up the position of Head of School.


'I am thrilled to be a part of a wonderful school and community and look forward to supporting the school in our mission to provide an outstanding education for all our children.' Mr Parker Summer 2021.


We are excited to be taking the school forward into the next chapter within the history of Wolvey.



Early October 2019 the whole school worked together to create a brand new school vision and strapline which is inspiring us a school in all we do. It has been shared and discussed with the children and has inspired them and our hope is that it will also inspire you as you work with and support the school through our journey of school improvement.



The school community is very excited about the future of the school and we are totally committed to continually reviewing and improving every aspect of school.



We do hope this website gives you a flavour of our school.  We are a very special and unique school with incredible children and passionate staff who ALL deserve the absolute best and we pride ourselves on our inclusive nature welcoming all children from different backgrounds and communities. 

Everything we strive for is underpinned by our Church of England ethos and our Christian Values.


We look forward to welcoming you to our school and showing you all we have to offer.

Contact the school office and have a chat or book to come and look round


Nepalese families


We are really proud to have a sound relationship with our children and families that live at our local military base.


We have over 30% of our children that come to school via a coach each morning. We are proud to have Mrs Rai as a Learning Support Assistant who works closely with our families.


Our Gypsy, Roma Traveller community (GRT)


We are proud to work with our GRT families who live nearby to school. We have a close relationship with our families and our education at Wolvey can lead to acceptance and greater understanding of cultural differences by both Gypsy, Roma and Travellers and non-Travellers.


Education for our GRT children means enhanced life choices and skills. Our welcoming and encouraging school improves children's attendance and progress in school work and does help our GRT children acquire the skills vital for everyday life.


Two of our books all our children use in their learning.

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