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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

Embracing Equality. Experiencing Excellence.

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School & Christian Values

What is special about Wolvey being a Church of England school and how does RE feature in school life?


We place high value on our Church of England ethos and this feeling of belonging runs through everything we do.

The teaching of Religious Education is one strand of this and through RE teaching the children learn about Christianity and other world faiths. We aim to make the curriculum as personal and relevant to the children as possible while at the same time using stories, research and other resources so they can learn about festivals and customs of the Christian world and beyond.

Our local church


History of the Church:
There was a church at Wolvey in Saxon days when the site on which the present Church of St. John the Baptist stands, was adjacent to the habitation of Ulve or Wulf, from which the parish derives its name. The site is an ideal Saxon knoll or mound, rising above the River Anker. The church is typical of the larger English parish churches, having chancel, nave, north and south aisles, west tower, south porch and north doorway. The earliest parts of the present church are: the south doorway of the twelfth century and probably the lower stages of the tower. There have been various substantial restorations through the centuries: in 1900 the Church having been closed for twelve months for very much needed restorations. In 1909 the old porch was replaced by a stone one, some of the early seventeenth timbers being reused in its roof. The flooring of the Church is of Horton stone paving (1929) and the pews are late Victorian.



Where to find us in Wolvey:
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See also a Brief History of Wolvey:
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Our school values

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Our Values Prayer

Dear God,

Please keep me safe and healthy

Help me to make good choices

Respect myself, other people and the world

Help me to learn well

And to try and be the best person I can be




Bless the food before us

The Family beside us

And the Love between us


Prayer Warriors

Every year new children are picked to be the Worship Warriors for their class. Their in-class duties support in-class Worship sessions, maintain the class prayer corner and display as well as collect pupil voice.

Children in Years 6 are invited to apply for the position of Lead Worship Warrior. They are asked to explain why they would make a good Worship Warrior and how they would help the school community. The Worship Warriors who are picked then support the school in all areas linked to Collective Worship and supporting our Christian Vision and Values.

The Lead Worship Warriors have many roles including leading children in the gathering, prayer and sending in Collective Worship. They take an active part in many Collective Worship sessions run by staff members and visitors as well as lead the Celebration Worship on Fridays. Each year, the new Lead Worship Warriors are challenged to plan and lead their own Collective Worship around the termly theme. They also monitor the environment around the school and check that our reflection areas are up to their high standards.

After Collective Worship, they collect pupil voice, analyse their findings and write a report to the Senior Leadership Team with suggestions for improvements. They take these responsibilities were seriously and are keen to ensure their suggestions are put in place. The children are also excellent role models at playtime and lunchtime, showing children how to follow the school’s Christian Vision and Values.



Each classroom has a Prayer corner or reflection area, which are changed and added to regularly following Worship. They are a place where the children can come and ponder, reflect and pray. The areas have one of our Christian Values as its focal point and will include Bible verses, big or reflective questions, other artefacts and pictures to engage the children in thought and prayer. They usually follow the same theme as Collective Worship to enable the children to deepen their understanding and thoughts behind each Christian message. The children and staff are welcome to leave notes that reflect answers to the questions on the display or leave prayers in the prayer box.

Remembrance Day

Year 6 children prepare a leavers speech to be read out in church.


This year we were able to visit Wolvey Church. Reverend Vaughan lead the way and our school Prayer Warriors supported with prayers, poems and Bible readings. As always our parents were generous with their donations that were collected donated to the local foodbanks.

Christingle Service with all donations going to 'Save the Children.'

Gardening in our peace garden


Every year, children and adults help to clear and replant our calm area with seeds that were kindly donated to the school. As a community, it is important for us to have an area that helps us develop a range of skills but also helps boost our wellbeing. Our garden area certainly does that! As the spring turns into summer, we always look forward to having beautiful plants to look at as well as supporting our country’s insects and wildlife. This year a number of our children have helped to create the mural for the school community.

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