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Eco warriors


Wolvey School Eco Warriors is a group of 10 children from across KS2 who meet weekly. Our aim is to raise awareness of how our actions impact the planet and to introduce small changes that can lessen that impact. Our current focus is to increase recycling across the school by putting up posters and providing recycling facilities for children and staff. We are also encouraging everyone to be aware of energy use in school and to reduce this by switching off lights, whiteboards and computers when not in use. Plastic pollution is another of our concerns, we are collecting plastic waste in order to enter the National Schools Partnership’s Message in a Bottle Top competition. We will be using the plastic waste to create a sculpture and show how waste can be used to make something of value rather than going into landfill. In being part of the Eco Warriors the children are learning to be responsible members of society who can change things for the better through their actions.

This is the artwork we created using the plastic bottle tops contributed by staff and pupils.

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