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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

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What do we teach and how?


Art provides children with the opportunity to develop and expand their creative thinking whilst using artwork as a means to explore the world around them.  At Wolvey School, children are given the key skills and vocabulary to express their own thoughts and ideas through their artwork.  Our curriculum design, focuses on drawing and painting skills as a first priority, as these practices form the foundation of all other mediums.  Across all units of work children reflect on the work of significant artists throughout history, and use these works as an inspiration for their own art.  Using sketching folders as a working document, every child will embark on a process of evaluating and improving their initial sketches before deciding on a final design.  When creating their final piece, pupils will utilise the skills and knowledge they have developed over the unit of work they have completed. 


The process described here is applied across the 5 strands of our art curriculum; Drawing and Painting, Collage, 3D Sculpture, Printing and Textiles.  In approaching the teaching of art in this way, we ensure that when children leave our school, they are equipped with the necessary skills to further develop their artistic talents during their secondary education.


As a school which welcomes children from a range of communities, art provides us insight into the cultures and traditions of these communities.  Art acts as mirror for society and often reflects the social, cultural and political landscape of the time.  In this way, exploring and sharing art work from within Nepalese, Traveller and Military communities, enables the children at our school to celebrate and share the communities that they are a part of, with their peers.

Art long term plan

Art skills progression

Our skills progression ensures that children continually develop and build on the skills that they have gained in previous year groups.  This is a detailed document that is available in school; however, this cannot be published on our school website due to copyright. 

Art Language Progression

“We are God’s work of art, created in Christ Jesus.”  Ephesians 2.10

Art from home


Please find some links below that will enable you to keep improving your art and design skills at home.  Have fun being creative!

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