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Military Families

Bramcote Barracks is a few minutes drive from our school.

We have a number of staff on site who can support children from a military background. We run clubs and workshops for our military children to help them in transition to and from our school.


Please contact school and we can arrange Mrs Reed and Mrs Rai to support your family.


Military club with Mrs Reed!

The barracks were established, on the site of the former RAF Bramcote airbase, in 1959: it was called after HMS Gamecock, the name of the naval unit based at the site before the British Army took it over. The Barracks were home to the Junior Leaders' Regiment Royal Artillery, between the 1960s and the 1990s. This was an Army training establishment for the future non-commissioned officers of the Royal Artillery. It was one of many different types of Junior establishments for soldiers serving from the age of 15 to 17 years (until the school leaving age was raised to 16). After completing their military and trade training, which initially took two years, but was latterly reduced to 12 months, they would muster to their designated Regular Army Artillery Regiments.


Current Use


Since 1993 the barracks have been occupied by 30 Signal Regiment.[2]

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