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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

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What do we teach and how?


Computing is an incredibly diverse subject and an ever-more relevant one for our children to engage and develop in. The rapidly changing world we live in required teachers to be extremely adaptable in the way that we deliver up-to-date e-Safety education and also in learning and teaching the use of ever-evolving software platforms. Regardless of the continual adaptations in current tech, many of the key underlying skills required to navigate and make optimum use of technology never change. As a school, we are constantly adding to our knowledge and resources, and we’re very proud of the provision we can offer the children.


Furthermore, the inevitable intermingling of PSHE skills within Computing, mean that we are able to teach resilience, empathy, compassion, and communication skills along with critical thinking and accountability. Taking part in national events such as Anti-Bullying Week every year.


National Curriculum for Computing

Three strands of our Computing curriculum

Computing overview

Staying Safe Online - Please also look on our 'Remote Learning' section


In order to further raise awareness of online safety, the whole school takes part in the annual Safer Internet Day national event. Whole-school assemblies introduce the theme for each year, and county-wide competitions are a great way to keep the children engaged and a good focus for our learning. We’re always hoping for a winner from our school!


In addition to our delivery of e-Safety within our Curriculum teaching, our ever-evolving online safety library provides children and staff with fun and educational stories about how to stay safe.


As a final step, we endeavour to engage with our wider community regularly through Facebook, our website and our fortnightly newsletters. Look out for information about our whole school events, competitions, new resources, or advice on keeping our children safe in our next communication!


Looking for some further information?

If you would like some further information or support on using the Internet safely at home, here are some useful links that come well-recommended.

Our digital leaders support children children in keeping safe online.

Internet Safety Day February 2022

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