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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

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Additional funding

Beyond the funding that all schools receive, Wolvey school receives additional funding for certain children.


Some of this funding is known as 'Pupil Premium' funding. This is means tested and parents on low incomes can register their children so that the school gets this money. This money is focused on raising attainment and educational standards for those children either as individuals or as a group.


Some of this funding in known as 'Services Grant' funding. This money is considerably less than Pupil Premium funding and is focused on supporting the emotional and social well-being of children whose parents are in the services. Because this is so much less than any other ring-fenced funding stream, it is more beneficial to the children as a whole by aggregating it and using it in areas which can have higher impact.


Wolvey school also receives additional funding known as 'sports grant' funding. This is partly funded by the recently introduced sugar tax and is aimed at increasing physical activity and sport within school. You can find out more about how this money is spent on our dedicated page.


Evaluation of the Use of Pupil Premium and Services Grant funding

Governors monitor the use of both the Pupil Premium Funding and the Services Grant Funding closely, as well as the outcomes for those children.  The Funding we receive is based on both the number of children who are eligible for Free School Meals and our Service Children Funding.  The number whom is eligible for Free School Meals is extremely small (about 6 children.) Our results and tracking information shows that a good proportion of children for whom the Service Grant or Pupil Premium applies make expected progress when they are on roll at our school and some make expected or accelerated progress in the areas of reading, writing, maths and phonics.


Pupil premium strategy statement 2021 2022

Review of Pupil Premium Funding 2016

Impact of Pupil Premium 2015/2016

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