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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

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Year 6

The Gouldians


Welcome to Year 6 ~ The Gouldians! My name is Mrs Hawkins and I have taught in Year 6 for the past 6 years, alongside Mrs Reed and Mrs Goodman, who are our fantastic Learning Support Assistants. 

This year is an exciting time for our children as they are reaching the end of their exciting journey at Wolvey Primary School. They will have created many memories throughout their time with us and during this year, they are being prepared to leave us and make smooth transitions into secondary school.

In Year 6, our children have many roles and responsibilities: Head Boy & Head Girl, Reading Ambassadors, Junior Leadership Team and also the everyday running of school events including, assemblies and Working Alongside mornings.

In addition to their responsibilities, Year 6 is also an important year which reflects on their knowledge and skills gained throughout their time in primary school, as in May they sit their SATs.

Through exploring our webpage, you can keep up-to-date with our learning journey, check out our wonderful curriculum and explore subject specific websites to support your children’s learning.


Staff in Year 6

Class Teacher:     Mrs Z Hawkins (Assistant Head Teacher, English Lead, History Lead & Writing Moderator)

Support Staff:     Mrs V Reed (Class LSA in Math lessons)

                              Mrs C Goodman (HLTA ~ PPA, class cover)

Class Dojo 

I communicate with parents regularly through the Class Story on Class Dojo as I think it is an invaluable way of helping parents to stay informed of what is happening with their children on a day to day basis in school. I also upload children’s work to their Personal Portfolio pages so that they can talk about what they have been doing with their families. Parents and children can also upload things that they have done at home to share with me.  I use the Class Dojo messaging service and am happy to answer simple queries through this during office hours.

Reading In Year 6

The most important homework any child can do, is read! 

The children are encouraged to read books / magazines from a wide range of genres at Wolvey School. They should be reading for at least 30 minutes a day so that they can improve their reading fluency and be introduced to a wide range of ambitious vocabulary. Whilst parents might think that they no longer need to listen to their children read, especially if they are confident reading independently, I would encourage you to ask your child questions about the texts to help them improve their inference and deduction skills.

They are required to read at home at least 3 times a week. I cannot stress enough the importance of reading for developing as a writer!

We have a wide range of fantastic books in school that have been written by award winning authors. ~ Children can download extracts from a wide range of fiction & non-fiction books to see if they like them before buying or borrowing them.


In Year 6, we also enjoy writing to our Book Penpals. Last year, we shared letters with Clare Fayer, author of Storm Hound and this year, we are enjoying communicating with Nicola Penfold, author of Where The World Turns Wild. 

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