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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

Embracing Equality. Experiencing Excellence.

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Mr Stubbs our very talented sports coach!

For those of you who don't know me my name is Mr Stubbs, I am currently working as a sports coach across the Ignite federation, based at both Wolvey Primary School and The Revel Primary School. My role is to work with all children across the federation and help guide them on their sporting journey, developing their understanding and ability in a variety of different sports and also teaching them important skills found in sport that can be transferred into day to day life, such as clear and open communication, teamwork, self believe and discipline. With various different qualifications in invasion games such as Rugby, Basketball, Netball and Hockey and also in some striking and fielding sports like Cricket and Rounders.

I pride myself on my ability to deliver high quality PE lessons and pitch them at an age appropriate level. I am a passionate sportsmen and try to embody the sporting ethos that I was brought up with.

My sporting background covers a variety of different sports but I was most successful in Athletics and Rugby which I competed at a high standard. As I have gotten older I am finding a new love for individual sports in the hope to find my physical and mental limits, exploring 3 new disciplines in swimming, cycling and running. My goal is to share my story, experiences and knowledge and to inspire the children I teach to test and challenge themselves in EVERYTHING they do, not just sport related, for I am a firm believer in the powers of what a positive mindset can accomplish. 

PE with our key workers during the Spring lockdown.

Physical Education at Wolvey C of E 


Here at Wolvey C of E we understand that children should experience a breadth of experiences, inside and outside the classroom. PE & Sports are an integral part of every child’s education and development; this supports physical, social and mental wellbeing and provides them with transferable life skills for the future.

We are aware that during the recent lockdown, children did not have the opportunity to develop their skills of teamwork and key skills needed. We have therefore redesigned our curriculum which ensures children can quickly catch up on some of the skills they may have missed.

All children are expected to become increasingly reflective and able to evaluate their own and others performance in PE.  At our school, we aim to be inclusive to all, and be flexible to meet the specific needs of different groups of learners.  We aim to challenge all children appropriately through physical activity, and a long term plan.  We strive to make PE accessible to all learners, by addressing barriers to learning and providing strategies for them to overcome and succeed in school.

At Wolvey, we aim to allow children to undertake different roles in PE, involving them in decision making to encourage productive thought and leadership. The National Curriculum programme of study states that schools should provide children with the opportunity to become physically confident, though a broad and balanced curriculum. At our school, we aim to not only challenge our pupils physically, but to also to develop critical thinkers & socially confident participants through our whole school progression of skills. We also aim for our learners to adopt a positive learning approach, particularly in physical activity where we acknowledge that some children may not feel they are ‘good at sport’. At our school, we aim to promote personal challenge first and foremost by equipping our learners with the tools to have a healthy mind-set and the right attitudes to succeed. We also encourage all children including our most able to participate in inter and intra competitions to positively challenge their physical abilities.

Commando Joe


As we work incredibly closely with our military families, we decided to bring in a programme to support all our children in developing resilience.


Please feel free to find out more from their website.


We have attached a summary below.


No Child Left Behind

‘No Child Left Behind’ is our founding ethos. The primary aim of our programmes is to improve the educational outcomes for children and young people.

CJ’s support thousands of schools nationwide with our established, evidence-based, government-supported programmes. We help to enable young people to develop life skills, character traits, attributes and behaviours which have a positive impact on their educational attainment, engagement, employability and well-being.

We can provide early intervention for those young people disengaged with their education, alongside pupils who excel academically, specialising in behaviour management, growth-mindset development and life skills education.

Our programme is designed to support all staff and pupils in any educational setting, alongside support for parents at home. We have the flexibility for schools to choose to deliver and develop a whole school approach based on what is appropriate for their school, demographic, resources and staff.


At its best, CJ’s can bring parents, guardians and caregivers into a closer, more collaberative relationship with their children’s schools:

  • Better behaved children, and more resources to help them manage their children’s behaviour better
  • More engagement with school
  • Pupils more likely to have discussions about learning with their family
  • Parents seeing children in a different light



Family effects

The benefits of CJ’s educational programmes extend beyond the school gates, helping children and their families communicate and enjoy a shared experience:

  • Better behaved children, and more resources to help them manage their children’s behaviour better
  • Parents seeing children in a different light



PE Home Learning Activities


EYFS/KS1/KS2 Joe Wicks – Daily PE workouts at 9am


EYFS Boogie Beebies - videos that get younger children up and dancing with CBeebies presenters. 

EYFS/KS1 Cosmic Yoga – updated several times a week


EYFS/KS1/KS2  Active counting to 20

Why not do these fantastic activities with your family?

The Learning & Discovery Festival is part of the Inclusion 2020 project set up by the Youth Sport Trust (YST), which focuses on inspiring pupils - with or without SEND - to play and enjoy unified sport together, and challenge attitude and perceptions of disabilities

There are 4 different activities outlined in the resource cards attached to engage with, each have a video and instructions. There is also an opening and closing ceremony video for your festival and it is all hosted by a Paralympian!

Athletics – Obstacle Relay

Badminton – Target Grid

New Age Kurling – Slide To Score

Sitting Volleyball – Keepy Uppy

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