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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

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Reading For Pleasure

Book Choice!

Each week, we add to our book stock so that the children can choose from a wide range of texts from a wide range of award winning authors. All children, whether they are learning to read or can read fluently and independently, are given a reading for pleasure book, alongside their reading scheme book. We encourage parents to read stories to their children at bedtime as being exposed to vocabulary is key in developing their understanding of the world. 

Places To Read In And Around School

Each of our classrooms has a reading / library corner and we also have a book nook at the top of the KS2 corridor, where the children can curl up on one of the sofas with a good book during lunch or break times. 

Book Stock!

So that we can ensure that the books in the classrooms never get stale, we have created a stock cupboard specifically dedicated to Reading for Pleasure books. Our Reading Ambassadors are in charge of choosing books for their classes so that stock is always rotating. 

World Book Day!

Every year, the children and staff thoroughly enjoy celebrating World Book Day. We dress up and spend the whole day talking about and sharing our favourite books! We also choose a different text each year as our focus text and at the end of the day, we share all of the great learning the children have been doing, from preschool through to Year 6. 

The homework on WBD is always of a high quality and we are always impressed by the level of effort our children and parents go to.

The Book Swap Shop

We know that books can be expensive and often, after being read only once, they are left to gather dust! This is what led us to open the Book Swap Shop. At Wolvey, children can bring in any books from home that they no longer want to keep and swap them for tokens. These tokens can then be used to buy other second-hand books in the Swap Shop.

The books brought in to be swapped, can be from any child-appropriate genre; all we ask is that they are in a good, clean condition. We also run the same token scheme for magazines, as we try to encourage as much reading for pleasure as possible.


To encourage reading in the wider community, we will also be opening the Book Swap Shop up to the surrounding villages from Saturday 19th June, from 1pm - 3pm every week. 

Swap Shop

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