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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

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Learning To Write At Wolvey

Learning To Read At Wolvey

Reading, focusing on comprehension is taught in discreet 20 – 30 minute sessions, at least three times a week in KS1 & KS2. Teachers choose high quality fiction and non-fiction texts for the children to explore (age appropriate). Teachers maintain long term records of texts used so that there is no unnecessary repetition. Each session begins with the whole class exploring the selected text, either independently or with the teacher; the children then have time to answer questions or complete an independent activity. Finally, the children review their answers, supported and led by the teacher. Each term, the children are given an assessment to monitor their progress so that intervention sessions can be set up for children who are not making at least expected progress.

In our KS2 classrooms, we have high utility words displayed that we encourage the children to use to explain their thinking. As they become more familiar with them, we see that they use them more and more in other subjects too.

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