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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

Embracing Equality. Experiencing Excellence.

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As a result of our PSHE programme of learning, pupils will:

  • Emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • Bullying and e-safety
  • Healthy lifestyles 
  • Relationships
  • Physical health
  • Self-esteem and resilience


During key stages 1 and 2, PSHE education offers both explicit and implicit learning opportunities and experiences which reflect pupils’ increasing independence and physical and social awareness, as they move through the primary phase. It builds on the skills that pupils started to acquire during the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) to develop effective relationships, assume greater personal responsibility and manage personal safety, including online. PSHE education helps pupils to manage the physical and emotional changes at puberty, introduces them to a wider world and enables them to make an active contribution to their communities.


We are committed to working with parents and carers. We communicate with parents and carers by half termly curriculum letters, newsletters and letters relating to specific aspects of PSHE such as road safety, online safety, anti-bullying and relationships education.


Our PSHE curriculum is taught in weekly one hour lessons. Our provision is further enriched by the Heart Smart programme which is taught weekly in 20 minute sessions. We make links to other areas of the curriculum and make connections to real life situations.



There are three core themes:

Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, Living in the Wider World


Some of the topics covered at Key Stage One include: Who is special to us? What helps us stay healthy? What jobs do people do? How can we look after each other and the world? At Key Stage Two the topics include: What keeps us safe? How do we treat each other with respect? How can our choices make a difference to others and the environment? How will we grow and change?



Commando Joe's


As we work incredibly closely with our military families, we decided to bring in a programme to support all our children in developing resilience.


Please feel free to find out more from their website.


We have attached a summary below.


No Child Left Behind

‘No Child Left Behind’ is our founding ethos. The primary aim of our programmes is to improve the educational outcomes for children and young people.

CJ’s support thousands of schools nationwide with our established, evidence-based, government-supported programmes. We help to enable young people to develop life skills, character traits, attributes and behaviours which have a positive impact on their educational attainment, engagement, employability and well-being.

We can provide early intervention for those young people disengaged with their education, alongside pupils who excel academically, specialising in behaviour management, growth-mindset development and life skills education.

Our programme is designed to support all staff and pupils in any educational setting, alongside support for parents at home. We have the flexibility for schools to choose to deliver and develop a whole school approach based on what is appropriate for their school, demographic, resources and staff.


At its best, CJ’s can bring parents, guardians and caregivers into a closer, more collaborative relationship with their children’s schools:

  • Better behaved children, and more resources to help them manage their children’s behaviour better
  • More engagement with school
  • Pupils more likely to have discussions about learning with their family
  • Parents seeing children in a different light



Family effects

The benefits of CJ’s educational programmes extend beyond the school gates, helping children and their families communicate and enjoy a shared experience:

  • Better behaved children, and more resources to help them manage their children’s behaviour better
  • Parents seeing children in a different light


  • Commando Joe Please visit the page to find out more about CoJo and the benefits of it being used in schools.

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