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Reading For Pleasure At Wolvey

Here at Wolvey, we are dedicated to encouraging the children to develop a love of reading! This year, we have held book fairs, taken part in a sponsored Readathon and thoroughly enjoyed activities linked to World Book Day. We also introduced the 100 Book Challenge across the school and opened a Book Swap Shop which are both described in more detail below!

The 100 Book Challenge!


In each of the key stages, we have introduced 100 books that the children need to try and read before they move up to the next key stage. These books have either won awards or have been written by award-winning authors and cover a range of genres. Since its introduction, we have noticed that more of the children are reading books that they might not have chosen before and there is definitely more of a 'buzz' about reading in school, which is great to see!

However, it continues to be a work in progress; as we raise money from the book fairs we hold, we use the rewards to purchase new titles to add to the Challenge. We do ask that if your child brings a book home to read, that they take care of it and bring it back to school in the same condition it left in. The books are expensive to purchase and the Challenge can only continue to run if the children take care of them.

Below, there are three documents, listing the 100 books for each key stage.

The Book Swap Shop

We know that books can be expensive and often, after being read only once, they are left to gather dust! This is what led us to open the Book Swap Shop. At Wolvey, children can bring in any books from home that they no longer want to keep and swap them for tokens. These tokens can then be used to buy other second-hand books in the Swap Shop.

The books brought in to be swapped, can be from any child-appropriate genre; all we ask is that they are in a good, clean condition. We also run the same token scheme for magazines too, as we try to encourage as much reading for pleasure as possible.

The Book Swap Shop

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