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Wildlife Area

Here at Wolvey we are incredibly lucky to have a wildlife area with a large pond in the centre of it. Unfortunately, over the years, it has become overgrown and inaccessible. This was a great shame as the children loved being able to explore the area and hunt for all sorts of creepy crawlies and it was a fantastic learning environment that couldn't be found in a classroom.


However, we are now in the process of re-establishing it. Last year the present Year 6 Class worked really hard to raise £1872 which we decided to use to pay for the pond to be cleaned and cleared of weeds. Realising that the money wouldn't stretch far, we contacted Bloor Homes, who along with their suppliers,  kindly agreed to donate all the materials that we would need to complete all of the projects that we would ideally like done. This includes laying a path around the area so it is accessible all year round and creating a slabbed area that can be used as a base for tables and benches.


This page is here to document our progress and show the children what they can achieve with a little determination and a lot of hard work! If you would like further information about the work being undertaken or indeed can offer some help, please contact the school and ask to speak to Mrs Zoe Hawkins.


Fundraising In Just For Pets At Arena Park (16th May 2015)

Fundraising In Just For Pets At Arena Park (16th May 2015) 1
Fundraising In Just For Pets At Arena Park (16th May 2015) 2
Fundraising In Just For Pets At Arena Park (16th May 2015) 3

Donations In 2015


Many local companies donated items that we were able to raffle off as prizes during our Olde Tea Shoppe afternoon and we were very thankful for their generosity. The raffle was a great success!


Other companies preferred to donate cash -

Galliford Try in Wolvey donated £100 (Persuasive letter written by William Spann)

Makins Fishery in Wolvey donated £50 (Persuasive letter written by Shubes Shrestha)

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society donated £200 (Persuasive letter written by Victoria Hughes)

Story In Rugby Advertiser - Class 5's Olde Tea Shoppe Fund Raiser

Story In Rugby Advertiser - Class 5's Olde Tea Shoppe Fund Raiser 1

Donations in 2016

We won a £575 grant from the WCC Rugby Area's Councillors' Fund which will be used to fund the work that needs doing to the pond area.

A huge thank you to Bloor Homes and their suppliers, Gibbs and Dandy, Browns Builders Merchants & Central Construction Services for the materials that they kindly donated to the project. Without their help we wouldn't have been able to create the path around the area, the pond dipping platform or the paved seating area (still to be laid).

Before Work Began

Stage One ~ Clearing The Pond

Wednesday 13th January

Today we made a start on the pond. It was a lot of hard work but many of the weeds that had taken over, have finally been pulled out. Soon it will be ready for a pond dipping platform to be added so that the children can learn more about this watery habitat!

We would like to thank Becky Maoudis, Emma Spann and Cherie Fayer who all gave their time up to help clear the surrounding area. We'd also like to thank Sidney from the local Wolvey Environmental Group and Richard Brown who spent much of their time knee high in cold pond water!

Stage Two ~ Laying The Path

12th February 2016

Today we moved 10 tonnes of gravel and laid a 50 metre path in the wildlife area! Thank you to the volunteers who came from Gamecock Barracks and helped barrow the gravel from the playground to the wildlife area. It was exhausting! We'd also like to thank John Hawkins and Richard Brown who gave up their free time today and to Greg Thurlow who is overseeing all the work being done.

Special thanks also to Sidney, a member of the Wolvey Environmental Group, who has been helping to maintain the area, clearing the pond and cutting down some of the overgrown tree branches.

This week we were also grateful to receive a cheque from Wolvey WASTE Group for £340.

Stage Three ~ Building The Decking Area & Dipping Platform

Wednesday 17th February

Today Greg and Richard were hoping to build and complete the decking area & pond dipping platform. Unfortunately, due to the terrible weather, that was not possible. However, it still looks super and they will be back on Wednesday 24th February to complete the work. If you can offer a few hours of your time that day, we would be very grateful for volunteers!

Building The Dipping Platform & Completing The Decking Area


Today the weather was much better and the platform and decking area are finally complete. Many thanks to our volunteers today, Richard Brown & Mr Rana (Ruchi's father) who worked all day on the project as well as Greg Thurlow, our contracted worker. It is all looking fantastic and passers by are starting to take notice!

Over the next few weeks we are hoping to find volunteers to come and prepare the ground before laying the slabs for the seating area. This will allow each class to sit out in the open and learn more about the natural world. If you can offer any help with this, please contact me in school.

Pond Finishing Touches

Today Greg and Richard finished cleaning the pond & adding the new oxygenating plants. They reported being watched for most of the time by a small beady eyed wood mouse. Indeed,  it all looks very different to what it did a few months ago! They have also placed signs around the area to ensure that no children enter accompanied by an adult. There will be a grand opening soon so watch this space for updates.

Bloor Homes Photo Shoot!

Signs of Life in the Wildlife Area

9th May 2016

This evening,  we moved the 30 slabs from the playground to the Wildlife Area ready for the new seating area to be created. It was tough work and I would like to thank Scott Booton, John Hawkins, Adrian Warwick, Mrs Comer and Ted from the local environment group for their help. There were lots of signs of life around the pond this evening, including numerous newts, a frog and a trail of footprints around the edge of the water.

Our Open Afternoon, when you can have a closer look and learn more about what we have planned for the Wildlife Area, will be on Wednesday 18th May at 2.30pm. More details to follow soon.

Laying The Slabs & General Tidy Up

15th May 2016

Today we laid 38 slabs so that the children's seating area has been extended, allowing for a whole class to sit out in the Wildlife Area & work at any one time. It was hard work and I'd like to thank Mr Watson & his children Lauren and Ethan for helping as without them it would have been impossible to complete in one day. I'd also like to thank William Spann for helping and Mr Hawkins for spending the day laying the slabs. Also many thanks to Becky Maoudis for bringing refreshments which were very much appreciated! We have also cleared the rest of the area in preparation for our Open Afternoon on Wednesday 18th May.

Wednesday 18th May 2016 - 2.30pm until 3.45pm (Open Afternoon)

I'd like to invite parents, carers, friends of the school and those who live in the village to come and have a look at our Wildlife Area on Wednesday. You will be able to learn more about the wildlife that call it home and find out what we hope to achieve in the future. There will be tea, coffee and biscuits on hand in the outdoor classroom adjacent to the Wildlife Area so that even if it is raining, you can still see what we have been up to!

Nearly Finished!

Open Afternoon

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who turned up to have a look at the Wildlife Area today, even though the weather was wet.  We still have a long way to go but I hope you agree that it's looking a whole lot better than it did when we first started!