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Our School's Act of Worship group

Our Act of Worship group received their badges on Wednesday 13th September. They were given to them by Reverend Vaughan and Mrs Wood. The group is made up of children from Year 5 and Year 6.

The children are: Finley, Victoria, Violet, Melissa, Ben, Ella, Ruby, Braydon, Josh and Ruchi.


Report by the Act of Worship Group 2016-2017 (given to Governors)


This is the first Act of Worship group that we have had in school and we have really enjoyed being part of the school’s Christian Ethos.

What kinds of things have we been part of this year?

  • We have help lead and be part of acts of worship – for example; leading prayers, lighting candles and acting out bible stories.

  • We took part in the act of worship when Bishop Christopher visited.

  • We have helped in church services with readings, organisation and ideas.

  • We have evaluated Reflection areas in classrooms and encouraged other children to take responsibility for them.

  • We have made the decision to introduce Grace before lunch across the school and which one was more appropriate.


We feel it is important to have an Act of Worship groups as we take responsibility for this and help support Mrs Wood. We feel we are role models that the younger children can look up to and we can show them the importance of Worship. It has helped us become more confident especially when speaking in front of large groups of children and given us responsibilities we won’t have had.


Where do we think the group should go next?

The next Year 6 children and possibly some year 5s will take over this role in September but we think that they could develop the role even further. Our suggestions would be:

  • To run more act of worships on their own

  • Lead KS act of worships – perhaps encourage KS1 children to take a lead.

  • To evaluate acts of worship & collate follow up work eg. prayers etc following on from worship

  • Read Bible stories to groups of children

  • Incorporate more games into Worship

  • Consider how else we can develop prayer across the school.

Philip Brindley  & George Maoudis



One of the main events for the Act of Worship Group during 2017 was to lead a Monday's Act of Worship when Bishop Christopher joined us.

He told us all about Lent and showed us his different robes, crook and hat.

We were very excited when he blessed us with holy water and rosemary.