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Our Learning Detectives

Our First Learning Detectives awards

The learning detectives have been going around classes this half term looking at presentation and handwriting. The whole school is working to improve these elements of our learning. They picked out 2 children from each class to be presented with an award in achievement assembly.

The children were:

Shea & Caytlin

Thomas & Henry

Melissa & Lucas

Amy & Ruby D

Braedon- Maxwell & Lily

Ruchi & Brandon

Natasha & Mia



Let us tell you a bit about the Learning Detectives

We all had to apply for the job of a learning detective and say why we thought we would be good at it.  Mrs Morgan chose 2 from each KS2 class.  We get to go into classes to see how the children work, we make notes on whether the children are listening, concentrating, if they know what they are learning and how they can move their learning forward.

Written by Lauren - one of the Year 6 Learning Detectives

Why are the Learning Detectives Important? Written By Lauren - Year 6 learning detective

I think that the place of the learning detective is very important because someone needs to see how the children are getting on in their learning.  Personally, I think that we, the learning detectives, have a very important role in helping the school improve its learning.  I enjoy being a learning detective because we get to go into classes and look at attitude to learning and learning behaviours.  I think we can help many children further improve their aspirations.

The Learning Detectives 2016-2017

The Learning Detectives 2016-2017 1