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CofE (Controlled) Primary School

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 You should contact school by 10am on the first day of absence. This can be done either by:

  • Phoning our 24hr absence line on 01455 220279 option 1 and leaving a message  (we will also require a written note when your child returns to school)
  • Emailing


 If we do not hear from you we will try to contact you either by phone or text, in line with our First Day Calling policy.


 Absences of more than 3 days or those that coincide with the start / end of a term may require medical proof in order for

 them to be authorised.


 Wherever possible we would ask for routine / non-emergency appointments to be made for outside of school hours. 


 If this is not possible please contact the school office to inform them in advance if you need to either collect your child

 early or of your child will be late. In these situations please could we also ask that you bring your child's appointment card into

 the main office to enable us to authorise the absence.

  TERM TIME HOLIDAYS (Leave Of Absence)

 In September 2013 the Government introduced some significant changes to attendance regulations for pupils of statutory

 school age.  Head Teachers may no longer grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional



 For full details please refer to the document below, see the "Holidays" page on this website or contact the school office.

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